About us

One day, in 2014 we had moved with my wife from flat into our new family home, and started to think about a new family member. We kne that we would like to have a bigger dog, who would be a great friend and protector as well. One day my wife came to me with a request that she would love to have a white ball. We did not knew anything about Slovakian Cuvac. We only knew them from ther movie Bella and Sebastian.  Once we began to gain some informations about this breed we knew that this is the breed we want. I had sit down by the computer and searched all the advertisments. After a week we went to Brno, where we met with Ms.J.Šafářová who had been so kind and met us there even she lives in Prague…Our first Jago Onyx Mark. In the spring of 2015 we had attended our first dog exhibition. It had been International Dog exhibition in Ostrava, where Jago had earned VN1 certification. We went there only from curiosity to see how it works, so you can imagine our excitement and hapiness by this result, so we decided to continue with our attendce of exhibitions. Next one had been club exhibition in Brno and few months later we had attended European Exhibition of Slavakian Cuvac in Pribylina. There we had a chance to personaly meet with Jagas breeder Mr. Marek Chroust, who is helping us ever since. He had as well assisted us with choosing our female Cuvac Happy Jaroslavov Dvor, what we are gratefull for.From that time we had decided to become oficial breeding station of Slovakian Cuvac. Since then we had met with a lot of Cuvacs friends.